Stonnington Residential's Brigton studio, Victoria.

Stonnington is a Melbourne based company dedicated to the design and construction of residential homes tailored to your specific needs.

Creating beautiful, functional and inspirational designs for clients is our passion.

We offer a personalised end to end solution, commencing with a tailored home design and progressing through to interiors, fittings and finishes, permits and construction.

We navigate a clear and logical path to provide you with greater certainty.

Our understanding of custom design, planning, interiors, landscape and structure, combined with a thorough knowledge of the process, will deliver a seamless result for you.




A great home must begin with a great design.  A design that has been carefully explored, nurtured and finessed.  Every building element is considered.

We’re passionate about timeless, elegant design.

The creation of functional, well zoned spaces and the selection of beautiful, tactile materials are considered along with joinery, landscape and building structure.

Close collaboration with our construction team during the design process enables us to achieve the job budget and provide you with certainty.

The successful integration of indoor and outdoor spaces is also paramount.  No component of the site should be ignored.  External spaces should also be enjoyed from within and indeed, be “drawn into” the home.

Successful spaces should arouse all of one’s senses.  It’s when beauty and function combine in a manner to provide genuine enjoyment for its owners. Enjoyment that will continue to grow.



Our desire is to design and build your dream home that is unique to you.

How many rooms do you need?  Do you like clean, straight lines or do you prefer organic sweeping curves?  Is your preference a contemporary porcelain tile or is there a specific travertine marble that you must have?

As we delve into your personal needs, preferences and daily habits, it is then possible for us to estimate a figure for your forever home.

We are not in the business of taking advantage of our clients, nor are we here to pass judgement.  We want you to rave about us to your friends and come back to us for your next project!

So let’s have an open conversation about your expectations and find out if this is a journey we can make together.



A seamless transition from design to construction.

The effective translation of your design into reality is critical for a successful build. Our design and construction teams work closely to ensure a seamless integration of the design intent and the project outcome.

Small details matter.

Finish off a great home with the perfect interior. We work closely with our sibling company Campus & Co to design and manufacture all your joinery needs.

Using the highest quality materials and construction methods, Campus & Co gives us the design freedom to explore new possibilities while enhancing quality control and delivering certainty.

From energy efficient, European inspired windows and doors, to kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, to one off furniture pieces- all are specifically tailored to suit your style.

Design, prototype, manufacture and delivery.

A streamlined, all-inclusive process.



Enzo Campus (left) has been designing and constructing residential developments for over 25 years. His extensive design and construction knowledge has resulted in an impressive range of residential projects. His passion for design has lead to collaborations with architects both locally and internationally. Enzo strives to create simple elegant designs. Buildings which improve with time through the use of carefully selected and detailed materials.

Attila Csaplar (right) has over 25 years of high end residential design and project management experience working with some of Melbourne’s most prestigious luxury residential developers, architects and builders. Attila’s approach to design ensures that the complex process of creating unique buildings becomes uncomplicated to the client. An approach developed through years of focus on client satisfaction.